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Open an Account(FAQ)

Open an Account

Clients must provide essential identification information, which includes a copy of identification (passport or identity card), proof of residency (such as utility bills, bank or credit card bill), and upload it on our website. Blue Ace Capitals reserves the right to request additional information and in some cases certified copies of the documents are required.

Documents submitted are required to be in English, and if it is not, it is required to be translated into English, which is signed and verified either by an Attorney or Notary.

Clients can download Blue Ace’s Match Trader, free of charge at their convenience. Please click on the link below and then click on the [Download Match Trader] button for the official download of the software.

Clients can send an email to from their registered email to update their personal information and attach supporting documents along with the email, if necessary(e.g. proof of identity or proof of address). Please take note that the username and base currency of the trading account cannot be changed once the account is registered and validated.

Passport or identification cards are not accepted as a proof of residence. Only documents stated above are accepted and the date of the documents must not be more than 3 months from the current date.

There will be no issue even if the account remains at zero balance for a long time.

At or Better

This is an instruction provided to a platform or trading venue to buy or sell at the best rate that can be obtained at a specific time.

Proof of residency documents includes printed utility bills, bank or credit card statements, insurance billing, or government-issued letters. The date of documentation provided should be within three (3) months up to the current date of submission for them to be effective. Blue Ace Capitals does not accept online bills or cell phone bills.

In order to fulfil our regulatory compliance requirements, it is compulsory for us to operate in a state of being in accordance with established compliance guidelines, specifications, and certain processes to ensure that we are abiding by our regulatory authority. Moreover, Blue Ace Capital encompasses efforts to ensure our clients are in fair and square trading experience in order to meet our mission to create a long-term partnership with each and every one of our clients.

In the event where the trader wants to open a new trading account with a different username, the email address used must be different from the previous registered trading account as ONE username can only be synchronized with ONE registered email address. However, clients are allowed to open up to 5 trading accounts under the same username.

If you have forgotten your Match Trader account username, send in an email to from your registered email. If you have forgotten your Match Trader account password, go to our website and click ‘Sign in’, followed by ‘Forgot my password’ and fill in the required information. If you have forgotten both the username and password, send in an email to us to request for your username, then follow the procedure stated above to obtain a new password.

Take note that the live account you registered with Blue Ace Capitals is a lifetime account. The account will not be dormant even if the account is inactive for a long time. However, if our Trading Team finds any disruptive trading activities done by the trader, we will disable the trader’s account immediately.