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Trading Platform(FAQ)

Trading Platform

Blue Ace offers the world’s most popular trading platform Match Trader. This is available to be downloaded as software, but Clients can also access it via iPhone or Android mobile applications at their convenience.

Documents submitted are required to be in English, and if it is not, it is required to be translated into English, which is signed and verified either by an Attorney or Notary.

You can download the mobile version of Match Trader into your smartphone or tablet. It does not only include a built-in account management feature but also the function to do analysis. Currently, Match Trader trading platform can be accessed through most of the phones and PCs available in the market. To download the mobile version of the Match Trader trading platform, please look for the software download page for mobile devices.

Swap is an amount that will be either paid or charged to an account for any positions that are held overnight.

Margin is a good faith deposit that a trader puts up as collateral to hold an open position. In short, margin is an amount used to hold an open position that will ultimately be determined by trade size. As the trade size increases, the margin requirement will increase as well.The required/used margin is calculated as follows: Number of Lots * Contract Size / Leverage. Take note that a different margin is required to hold an open position for other products such as CFDs, Gold and Silver.

Stop Loss/Stop Order is mainly to minimize the risk of further loss if the position begins to move towards an unprofitable direction. The position will close automatically when the security reaches that specific level set by the trader. Bear in mind that when the market is volatile or illiquid, your stop order may not be exercised at your desired price and you will receive the next best approaching conductible price.

A Pending Order is an order to buy or sell at a specific price. There are four types of pending orders, which include Buy Limit order, Sell Limit order, Buy Stop order and Sell Stop order. A Buy Limit order and Sell Stop order will be executed when the market price touches or falls lower than the limit/stop price, whereas a Sell Limit order and Buy Stop order will be executed when the market price touches or rises higher than the limit/stop price. The Pending Orders can be opened/cancelled by the trader on the Match Trader platform during trading hours.

First, visit our website – Next, look for [User Login] or [Sign In] and click on [Forget password]. On the columns of reset password, enter your username and the registered e-mail with Blue Ace Capitals. Next, enter your new password to reset the password. Relevant information will then be sent to your registered email with Blue Ace Capitals.

We do not charge any commissions on our Variable Accounts. However, there is $8USD per standard lot commission charged for our ECN accounts.

Clients can obtain the swap rates on their Match Trader platform. First, right-click any one of the currency pair in the market watch panel. Then click ‘Symbols’, followed by clicking on the currency pair which you wish to see the swap rate. Click ‘Properties’ and scroll down to see the swap short and long rate.

At Blue Ace, a margin call is exercised on a real time and automatic basis. When an account receives a margin call, the client will receive a notification on the Match Trader platform informing them that their account is approaching a margin call level. A Stop out will be exercised when the equity drops to or below the stop out level.

Take Profit order is to close an open position and realizing the profit when the security price has reached the desired price set by the trader. This can be done while making an order or after the order is executed on our Match Trader platform.

Yes, you can. Send in an email to to request to change the leverage. Please note that the leverage cannot be changed if your account has an open position.