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Indices Trading

You may access all stock markets with index FD while saving on transaction costs and research.
One of the most often used buying and selling products is indices;
we provide cash and futures FD from all around the world


In the world of online buying and selling, the indices market is seen to be booming. Index investing calls for thorough market knowledge and analysis because it combines several equities under one roof. However, because to their specialisation, indices are also referred to as a less volatile market than, for example, equities. Trade CFDs on the most well-known international indexes, including the NASDAQ 100, S&P 500, FTSE 100, Dow 30 and many others.

Minimum spreads

Leverage up to 1:500

High Execution

Why Use Blue Ace Capitals to Trade Forex?

Trade whenever you want, take advantage of strong liquidity and minimal entry hurdles, and profit from global events.

Access to a world of markets

Trade well-known markets from a single account, including the FTSE 100, CAC 40, US 500, and ASX 200.

Leverage available up to 200:1

To control a greater position size with a lower initial investment, use leverage.

Lightning-fast execution

We continuously strive to provide quick execution times throughout our whole product line.

24/5 Hour Trading

Any queries or problems you may have may be addressed by our bilingual customer support team, which is on duty around-the-clock.

Trade both long and short

Traditional share trading does not allow short sales, however Index CFDs allow even adverse movements to be profited from.

Increase portfolio diversity

Blue Ace Capitals provides a wide range of Forex Pairs, Shares and Commodities to trade as CFDs

Start Trading with Blue Ace Capitals in Simple Steps & Earn Money



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Develop your ideal trading approach, start trading with small spreads, cheap commission, and daily trading signals.


Deposit & Collect

To receive your market earnings, go to our simple Deposit or Withdrawal procedure.

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