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Metal Trading

Trading in metals is highly correlated with the prognosis for the main currencies and the global economy as a whole.​

Blue Ace Capitals allows you to trade precious metal markets.

Metals have had a significant impact on history throughout time, and their cost will increase. Due to its rarity and great economic value, a precious metal is recognised as such. Due to an increase in demand on a worldwide scale, prices for certain metals have increased recently.

One of the metals traded in futures is copper, along with silver and gold. It is clear that commodities are essential to both domestic and international economies since they serve as the foundation for many of the goods and services we consume on a daily basis.

Today, begin trading precious metals online.

  • Establish a free live trading account.
  • Increase your account’s balance by making a deposit.
  • Following the market, pick the currency pair you want to trade.

Trading Terminals With Power ​​

The Webtrader internet trading software is widely used for market tracking and real-time trading. We provide two robust trading platforms that are adored by traders of all levels of expertise worldwide. Platforms for Webtrader are available for free download for PCs, Macs, tablets, and mobile phones.

IOS Platform

Android Platform


Desktop Platform


Why Use Blue Ace Capitals To Trade Precious Metal Online

Highest Demanding Precious Metals

Access the most well-known precious metals, such as gold, silver, and copper

1:1000 Maximum Leverage

You may trade larger positions with less money while using dynamic leverage.

No charges for transactions

100% of the money you put goes towards trading, and 100% of the money you make is withdrawn.

Competitive spreads beginning at 0 pip

Spreads with extreme competition and lightning-fast execution

Trusted and Successful Broker

We are trusted by more than 60,000 merchants in more than 100 nations.

Acceptance of All Approaches

Hedging is one of the permitted trading tactics, among others.

Precious metals investment

The most widely utilised precious metals are copper, platinum, gold, and silver. Trade these metals’ current prices and CFD futures online.

Funding Methods